Wednesday, September 22, 2010

KID PARTY: Ice cream!

My daughter Audrey turned five this month and all she really wanted to do to celebrate was to eat ice cream with friends. As much as I wanted to throw her a bigger party with friends and family, she asked for something with some former preschool classmates. She still however, wanted lollipops, sweets and all the treats. We decided on a small party at Michael's ( yes, the craft store-- they do awesome parties!) with us just bringing pizza and ice cream to incorporate her wish for an ice cream party.

I really wanted to go a bit fancier with our ice cream & dessert table but being that the time and space were limited, I opted to go on the simple side. The most important thing is my baby had a good time doing crafts, eating her ice cream and celebrating turning the big 5.


Ice cream cone holders held caramel popcorn.
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mini brownies & cheesecakes

ice cream shaped chocolate lollipops

Happy Birthday to my baby!