Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rainbow cupcakes

I was introduced to rainbow cupcakes last year when one of the moms in my oldest daughter's preschool class brought some in for rainbow day. The kids just loved how the colors were layered and biting through each cupcake was just pure joy for each child.

One year later, it's time for rainbow day again, this time for my second daughter and just as I was thinking of making them, Tip Junkie posted a tutorial on how to make them! The most time consuming part was layering the batter.

I opted to put a small cloud of icing instead of adding a full thick layer because preschoolers and icing are not the best combination, on so many levels.

My girls really enjoyed making them and they are well worth the effort. I have to figure out how to pour each color so that it layers more evenly.

We will probably make them again for St. Patrick's Day.

I could repost the tutorial here but you can just head on over to Tip Junkie or Family Fun for complete instructions.


  1. They look good enough to eat.......... I must remember that when we do holiday club, the children will love them, thanks for sharing

  2. Where did you purchase the blueberry wafer sticks?