Monday, September 12, 2011

Tangled Garden party

I can't believe Audrey's 6th birthday party came so fast. She was just a helpless baby yesterday and today she's this amazing little girl who energetically made poms for her party, gave input on the centerpieces and decided what games we should play.
After spending the past few months watching Tangled every moment she could and using lines from the movie as part of our conversations, her party theme was pretty much set in stone. I have nothing against character themed parties really, except they tend to be a little cookie cutter sometimes. I used a lot of poms and flowers to give the party a garden feel. When I watch the movie, something that stands out to me is the bright flowers in the forest, in her hair and in the village so I really wanted to play that up.

When I started looking for inspiration, I found Paging Supermom's blog where they featured a Tangled party. They offered a very cute invitation tutorial and a free downloadable template which I was very tempted to use. I took their wonderful invitation as inspiration and instead designed something similar, with a triangle top like the tower in the movie.

Paging Supermom, being the wonderful and generous, also designed these free downloadable sun bunting banner like the ones that hung above the village in the movie. I printed those out and hung them above the picnic area and made centerpieces. I also made a coordinating bunting banner with my daughter's name.

Our party happened to be right smack in the middle of a heat wave. It was 5 p.m. and it was still well over 90 degrees. Luckily, all our sweets survived the heat. My dear friend Kit of Cupkits Edible Creations did an amazing job with all the goodies she made. The cake was covered in fondant and had royal icing trees and details. The brownies also had royal icing trees which had no problem in the heat. Kit also made a smaller Rice Krispy cake which held the magic flower made of fondant with young Rapunzel under it and Mother Gothel nearby.

Although I knew it would be a warm day, I didn't plan for a heat wave. My candy display did not include my usual lollipops and handmade chocolates. Instead, I opted to include things that could be out in warm weather. I offered animal crackers, popcorn, lemon drops, wafer sticks, banana marshmallows and pretzel sticks. The pretzels were drizzled with yellow chocolate but they still held up.. To my relief, My Oreo cupcakes with Oreo cream cheese frosting held up in the heat. Thankfully, the guests ate a lot of it before the icing had a chance to go bad. My mini blackberry pies also made their debut.

I bought one of those mini figurine sets at the Disney Store and used them throughout the table. Here, we placed Maximus near an apple tree.

On the sweets table, my tree arrangements, which made previous appearances at a Minnie Mouse party and 50th birthday party, were decorated with bright purple, pink and yellow poms.

I bought several white photo holders at Ikea to display signs at the food table and art table.

Disney Family offered several free downloadable Tangled themed activities on their site. I printed out several of the activities for the kids to do at a Rapunzel Art Studio table since she loved to paint. I also whipped up a couple batches of homemade play dough for the kids to sculpt and create with.

Happy birthday to my sweet little girl, Audrey!

More photos from the party can be viewed on the Facebook page

Cupcakes, mini pies, printables & styling by Lollipops & Paper

Cake, brownies & royal icing decor by Cupkits

invitation inspiration and printable sun bunting banner by Paging Supermom

Printable activities by Disney Family Fun

Photos by Cupkits and Lollipops & Paper

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  1. Everything looks fantastic! What a fun party!

  2. This will definitely be a birthday to remember, it looking stunning congratulations mom............

  3. I am so grateful to you and Paging Supermom for inspiring my daughter's 6th birthday!! Just BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you!!

  4. Thanks Heather. I hope your little girl has a wonderful day.

  5. Hi, your ideas are great and I too am planning my daughter's 5th birthday party with this theme. Your invitations are to die for and I am so wondering if you would share your idea.

    1. Thanks. I got the inspiration for the invites on Paging Supermom'S blog and i think they even offer a free downloadable invitation template.