Friday, March 30, 2012

Parisian Onesie Decorating Party

There is something wonderful about a Parisian themed gathering- whether it's a birthday, shower or holiday. Last Christmas I bought an Eiffel tower dessert stand for a Christmas Tea table and I haven't had a chance to use this beautiful stand since. ( it has been borrowed a couple times by friends- does that count?).
My neighbor is having her third baby, a girl, next month and I wanted to do something special for her. Since our kids are on spring break this week I thought it would be nice to get our kids, along with a couple other kids in our neighborhood together for a playdate to decorate some Onesies.
I decided on a Parisian themed playdate so I could use my cake stand again. Yes, honestly, that is why I went with this theme. Isn't it a beautiful tower?

Then I figured, Paris is the fashion capital of the world and since our kids were designing some Onesies for this future fashionista, it would work out nicely.
I bought some fabric markers, white Onesies in various sizes and let the kids get creative.
It's not very often that I get to use my Eiffel tower chocolate mold. I made these chocolates out of black candy melts.

The cupcakes were cookies and cream with chocolate cream cheese frosting.

Rice Krispy cupcakes. I found these cupcake liners at Sur la Table.

Strawberry marshmallows & strawberry Whoppers.

more photos from this playdate are on the facebook page. Go to

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