Friday, June 6, 2014

S'mores class favors

So, I've been MIA from blogging. I've been busy, lazy and everything in between. But this week I received several emails and messages from people who guess what---  Read my blog! Specifically, they've been reading my post on an end of the year class gift I made. I posted a free printable 3 years ago but apparently, Scribd now requires a paid membership to download, so my "free printable" isn't free to download unless you're a member. Sorry!

Anyhow, this reminded me that although I've been updating the facebook page, I haven't blogged in six months.  So I'm going to try to get back into it and I'm starting with a revamp to my S'mores favors.

We first gave these out when my oldest daughter finished kindergarten. I blinked my eyes and here we are giving them to her THIRD GRADE class. My second grader is also giving them out to her class. We changed schools this year so I'm not technically recycling an idea-- these classmates of theirs have never received them so they're "new."

There are tons of s'mores flavored snacks out there. It was hard for me to decide which snack to choose.

I ended up going with Pop Tarts because the size of the package worked perfectly with the printable I designed. Here's the thing-- we've never bought Pop Tarts at our house. The box said 16 Pop Tarts so I bought 4 boxes thinking that would be enough for a total of 60 kids. Here's the thing I learned after opening two boxes-- each packet has two tarts. So one box only made 8 favors.
I had already opened the box so I went with it anyway.

For the remaining favors, I used Goldfish crackers because it came out cheaper than buying more Pop Tarts. I filled a 3x5 lollipops bag with approximately 1/4 cup of crackers and sealed them.

I think I like the Goldfish ones better since you can actually see the contents of the bag.
So summer is here. I don't quite know if that means I'll have time to blog more, but I'll certainly try.

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