Monday, October 8, 2012

Mermaid swim party

One day I held held my newborn baby girl Audrey. Then I blinked and we celebrated her 7th birthday.
My kids spent the bulk of this summer in the pool. They even learned to swim in the deep end so a pool party birthday just seemed to be the natural choice when we started planning Audrey's celebration. We had the party at our city's Aquatic Center which is an awesome facility that has water play features and slides.

We decided on a mermaid themed party. I designed the invitations and other party printables.

Our party was in the morning so we served a poolside breakfast. Our buffet included breakfast sandwiches, bagels, Krispy Kreme donuts, scones, cereal, fruit salad and other pastries.

In addition to the breakfast selections, we also had cheese puffs, popcorn, licorice, wafer sticks, lollipops and cookies that guests could eat at the party or take home in baggies.

My friend Kit of Cupkits made adorable fondant topped cookies

We ordered Audrey's favorite fruit tart instead of a cake. I made a mini banner to top the tart.

We also had Oreo cupcakes for the kids

For party favors, each child was given a book and a personalized book mark.

My husband said it best when he said, it seem like the past seven years seemed to go by so fast and yet it feels so odd that it's only been seven years because it feels like our kids have always been part of our lives. Happy Birthday to my (not-so) baby girl Audrey.
More photos from the party are on the Lollipops & Paper Facebook page 

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