Monday, November 5, 2012

Wonderland Sweet 16

Sweet 16s are awesome. I've had the privilege of helping a friend throw 2 sweet 16s for her daughters two years in a row. Last year I helped my friend Marsha with a Glow in the Dark party for her oldest daughter. This year, she hosted a Tim Burton style Wonderland party for her daughter Savannah. Savannah's grandmother Emma (who I consider my cooking and crafting idol) spearheaded the decorating. I am still amazed at the things she made for the party.   Savvanah's sister Ariane and I helped with making decorations.

Guests were asked to enter the party using the side gate.
Emma made this gate out of paint and cardboard.

 Using my teapots and teacups, we made centrepieces for the tables.

Emma, Ariane and I made these flowers out of plastic masks, tissue paper, construction paper, cardboard and paint. 

 I made some "Eat Me" labels  that we used for appetizers. I also made coordinating  "Drink Me" labels for cups.
Savannah didn't want a sweets table with a variety of things. She opted for heart shaped cakes made by her her mom and sister and some cake balls that I made. Her cousin brought a croqembouche cake which we also put on the table. 

In addition to the flowers, we also made "this way, that way" signs and mushrooms out of cardboard. Emma and Ariane made the caterpillar.

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