Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day books for kids

Did you vote today? As I write this, we are waiting for my husband to come home from work so we can go vote together. Sure, we could have mailed in our ballot but I think it's important for our children to see the process. We will be taking our kids to the polls so they can see first hand this wonderful privilege we have as Americans.

To explain this day in their language, I borrowed some books from the library. I think these were great choices to help introduce the concept of voting to our girls.

Our 1st grader read Clifford for President.
 A cute story about Clifford running for president of a dog park. 

Clifford for President
Our 2nd grader read Elizabeth Leads the Way. There was a time in our country when women couldn't vote, and in some countries today, women are still not heard, so I felt it was important for my daughter to learn how important it is that we have the right to vote.
Who am I voting for? The winner, of course! :)
So, how did you get your kids involved in Election Day?

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