Monday, November 12, 2012

Milk & Cookies Wedding Buffet


Of all the sweets tables I've set up, this may just be my favorite one. Candy tables have been a staple at weddings for years, but there is just something nostalgic and just plain heartwarming about milk and cookies at the end of the night.

My friend Linda asked me to design this table for her wedding. She didn't want anything over the top. Just a nice display of cookies and mini cartons of milk.

The display included cookies from Costco's bakery, Oreos and some of Linda's favorite cookies from a local bakery ( lemon sandwich cookies, chocolate meringues, thumbprint, chocolate lace and checkerboard).

The hotel brought out mini cartons of milk and chocolate milk.

We opened the table around 9:15 p.m.which gave people on the dance floor a nice reason to rest their feet and have some milk and cookies.

Congratulations Linda & Rimon. It may be cliche but I'll say it anyway-- may your new life together be sweet!

more photos can be viewed on the facebook page.


  1. I LOVE your blog!!! You are so creative & talented!

    :) Jayme
    Trendy in Third

  2. They've been set out perfectly, and look really yummy! Great photos also.