Friday, May 17, 2013

"FREE" Disney Souvenirs

So I've been MIA from blogging. The holidays kept me busy, which carried into the new year and before I knew it it was time to pack for our long awaited Disney cruise-- which nicely leads into this post.

You know those souvenirs you buy on vacation- the overpriced, made in China stuff that end up in the junk pile 2 weeks after you come home? Well, I didn't want to buy any of those. Instead, we opted for two "free" souvenirs. I use the word free because they weren't things we bought while on vacation but rather things we took with us from home.

Now let me just say I didn't think of this myself, I saw several photos online of this idea and I am just sharing how ours turned out.

The first souvenir we got was an autographed photo mat.  I bought a white photo mat at Michael's ( I think it was around $5 with a coupon) and colored Sharpies. Immediately after boarding the ship, I took the mat and markers to Guest Services. I filled out a short form stating our stateroom number and who we wanted autographs from. I Think you can choose Princesses only, all characters, Mickey and Friends, only, etc.. We also included some candy for the characters as a thank you.

On the last night of our cruise, we had this waiting for us in our stateroom.
Cute, right? While it's not technically a free souvenir since I bought the mat and candy, I think it's still an awesome keepsake. Now I just have to decide which photo we want to frame.
Our next souvenir is truly free. Our kids received a Disney storybook collection for Christmas.
Instead of buying an autograph book, we had the characters sign the storybook during the meet and greets.

On a previous cruise, we had a scrapbook signed and filled it with photos after we came home.
 Next time, I'm thinking of bringing some ceramic mugs. There are tons of "free" souvenir ideas out there.
I hope this helps some travelers out there!

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