Sunday, June 20, 2010

ADULT PARTY: About to Pop Baby Shower

Several months ago my good friend Anya hosted an intimate baby shower for her friend Susette. Anya asked me to help her with the decor and favors for the shower. I was about 7 months pregnant at the time which was great because my brain was already in "baby mode." I suggested we think outside the rubber ducky & rattle themes typical of baby showers. I had seen an "about to pop" theme online and thought it was fresh, modern and different. I was so happy to give the idea our own twist. I only wish we had better pictures.

A red banner welcomed guests.

For centerpieces, popcorn containers were filled with popcorn and balloons.

Anya rolled with the theme and used popcorn containers to hold utensils.

For favors, we took microwave popcorn packets and packaged them in paper popcorn bags bought at the local party store. We added our own labels and ribbon and voila! They're perfect to celebrate a mom-to-be about to pop.

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