Monday, August 9, 2010

ADULT PARTY: Alvin and Kara's reception

My cousin Alvin and his wife Kara were married in Shelley, Idaho two weeks ago and I am so glad we took the road trip to attend their celebration there. Their reception, held in Kara's parents' backyard, was absolutely darling. Here are some pictures from their Idaho reception.

This adorable sign welcomed guests

Isn't this the cutest ride ever?

White paper lanterns and purple flowers decorated the area

Kara's mom Lori made this beautiful cake. The bottom tier is actually made from Rice Krispy Treats!

My aunt hosted a dinner here in California this past weekend for those who didn't take the road trip. I am so thankful she actually trusted me with helping with her. My ideas can get crazy, overboard or overambitious at times and I'm grateful she went with them and as a result I have some projects to share! For this celebration, I helped out with flower arrangements, napkin rings, envelope holder and favors.

I'll be posting DIY pics and instructions this week!


  1. Everything looks beautiful! I'd love to feature this wedding on my blog.