Saturday, August 14, 2010

{DIY} Nesting box envelope holder

For my cousin's wedding, I wanted to make a container where guests could put their monetary gifts and gifts cards. Back when I got married, the money box my mother-in-law purchased cost around $30 which in hindsight I think is way overpriced. Since then, I've found that hat boxes, nesting boxes and plain gift boxes can easily be glammed up to become a more cost effective and creative way to hold cards and gift cards.

This would also be great for guests to insert recipes or advice cards at a wedding or baby shower. Just make sure you label each box accordingly.

I found these boxes at Home Goods for $9 ( $5 for the larger one and $4 for the smaller one). The flowers were $4 on sale at Michael's and the ribbon was about $3, making the project cost about $16. Not too bad considering some wedding envelope boxes I've seen cost between $30 and $100.

you will need:

boxes in 2-3 different sizes depending on how many tiers you want
hot glue
X-acto blade/knife
embellishments such as artificial flowers or rhinestones

1. using the x-acto knife, carefully cut out a slot for the envelopes to be inserted. Make sure the slot is big enough to accommodate large cards.

(steps 1 & 2)

2. Cover the slot edges by gluing thin ribbon around the edges

3. Squirt a round of hot glue on the bottom of the smaller box and quickly place on the top of the larger box

4. wrap both boxes with ribbon

5. glue artificial flowers to the op of the smaller box.

* If you're using plain gift boxes, wrap the boxes in gift wrap matching your theme before proceeding with step 1 and your container will look like a stack of gifts!


  1. This looks incredible, Frances! You should totally start selling these, because you're right that there are companies out there that will charge couples $70 or more for a card box of that size. And yours honestly looks better, too. I considered buying a custom box for my wedding, but went with a $20 card cage instead, since the box was too expensive.