Friday, October 8, 2010

ADULT PARTY: Karren & David's candy table

My cousin Karren got married this month in Northern California and asked me to do a candy table for her reception. I of course seized the opportunity to do my first wedding candy table.
We would be driving in the day before which posed a couple challenges for me. First, this meant anything I made had a chance of melting en route to the wedding. In addition, Karren was buying the glass jars and platters which made it harder for me to completely plan out the look of the table and the amount of candy I needed. Lastly, I have never been to the site so I didn't know what kind of table I would be using, where the table was going to be placed or the type of lighting and background the table would have. Nonetheless, I did what I could with the cards I was dealt and totally enjoyed the opportunity.

Their color scheme of pink and brown made it easier for me to do the table since I could use almost anything chocolate. With October being breast cancer awareness month, pink candy is also readily available. I bought white popcorn boxes at Walmart ( thank you Pizzazzerie for the tip!) and attached labels on the front then filled them with caramel popcorn. I decided that the 5 hour drive to the Bay Area meant I shouldn't be making too many things myself as the possibility of candy melting or breaking would only mean disaster. I ended up only making strawberry hard candy lollipops and dipped Oreos.
The candy spread also included traditional and strawberry flavored Whoppers, strawberry marshmallows, Hershey's Bliss, Ghirardelli chocolate raspberry squares, Red Vines ( yes, I know they are neither pink or brown but it was the bride's request) and strawberry and chocolate wafer sticks.

Clear bags, the popcorn boxes and the the labels for the candy had a pink damask and brown design.


I love these popcorn boxes

My Oreos survived the trip! Not one melted!


  1. gorgeous! great job on the dipped oreos too!

  2. Beautiful job, Frances! I wish I'd hired you to do one for my wedding. :)

  3. Great job! I often find myself hovering over the candy buffet with many children. LOVE the oreos!