Sunday, November 14, 2010

KID PARTY: Hello Kitty

My friend Emerald asked me to make some lollipops and cupcake picks for her daughter Emma's first birthday last month. She did such a cute job I really can't take credit for anything.

I made white chocolate Hello Kitty lollipops and round hard candy lollipops with personalized stickers

Look at the cute centerpieces she made using the lollipops

The cupcake picks matched the frosting almost exactly and cupcakes were yummy too!

photos courtesy of Emerald Yu


  1. I love the rainbow frosting on the cupcakes, and the lollipops are adordable!

  2. Do you make your own cupcake toppers? I am looking for something similar...please let me know where you get your stuff!

  3. Hi.
    Yes I do make my own cupcake toppers but I also use other vendors from time to time. Email me at for more info.