Friday, July 23, 2010

{DIY} Wine cork card holders

My friend Heather ( you can follow her blog at Bicoastal Bride) recently had a beautiful wedding that included several DIY projects. These simple and classy escort card holders were so adorable I just had to share them with you.

Heather says she and her fiance Stephen wanted to reflect their California roots and love of wine in their "California Romance" themed wedding. However, with ready-made wine cork escort card holders costing around $2 each, they decided to make this a DIY project.

For their project, they bought a package of 100 corks with a preprinted grapevine design for $15 from Winemakers Depot. While they had a lot of fun making these holders, Heather advises not waiting until the last minute to do this project as it took them a few months to complete it.

I think these would also work well at a wine and cheese party, adult birthday party, engagement party or bridal shower. They can hold place cards or cards labeling food and drinks.

Heather was kind enough to share instructions on how to make these beautiful card holders.

You will need:

a small hand saw
small vice to hold the corks in place
protective gloves and glasses
small sharp knife
permanent markers


* Please wear protective gloves and glasses when working with sharp objects*

1. secure the cork tightly in the vice
2. using the hand saw, cut the cork in half lengthwise
3. using the knife, cut a slit on top of the cork long enough to hold your card
4. decorate the cork as desired with markers

What a wonderful project! Thank you Heather for sharing!

photos: Alex Neumann Photography